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John Sloane is an award-winning artist whose detailed paintings reflect simpler times and restful places amid the unspoiled beauty of the American countryside. In his nostalgic artwork, you can take a break from the hectic modern world, stir your imagination, and soothe your spirit. John's beautiful and quaint artwork displays the "heart and soul" of America the way it used to be.
The image pictured above is detail from ... "Blue Belles" by John Sloane

John's "Painting of the Week"

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Spring Print Collection

"Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer!
I must get out and breathe the air deeply again."
- Gustav Mahler

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Summer Print Collection

"I love how summer just wraps it's arms around you
like a warm blanket."
- Kellie Elmore

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Fall / Autumn Print Collection

“As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see.”
- Vincent Van Gogh

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Winter Print Collection

"The color of springtime is flowers;
the color of winter is in our imagination."
- Terri Guillemets

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What our customers are saying

I just received and framed my new John Sloane print, "Slow Day" & it is absolutely beautiful! The colors are rich and vibrant...I feel like I could be in that old store on a warm summer day. Thank you for the lovely picture. God has truly blessed you with talent!

Vera, Youngstown, Ohio - United States

John Sloane’s artwork is exquisite. An obvious talent for capturing the beauty of rural American countryside at its best.

His paintings draw me in to a nostalgic journey through the seasons of yester-year which celebrate the evolution of country life.

Ray from Hoylake, Wirral, United Kingdom

I just received my wonderful set of Winter’s Calm magnets along with my two new prints which will go with the prints I ordered last year.
Excellent service and beautiful prints, highly recommended ordering from them.

Heidi from Harve de Grace, MD - United States

Received my first print today and am so excited. It is so beautiful. The colors are so vivid and sharp. I know I'll spend many hours looking at this picture because it reminds me of my childhood. 

Thank you John. Love your calendars, too.

Carol from Carthage, North Carolina - United States

I love these magnets. I have several sets now of the Country Classic and Barn set and Country Kitchen set. I also just added some of the Winter Christmas magnets, all on my Fridge. I have a Country Farm theme kitchen and these magnets are a perfect add to my decor. It’s like I’m living in each painting. They are my little mini treasures. I’m so glad I found you I plan on ordering more in the future.

Diane from Vicksburg, Michigan - United States

I ordered my very first print last week and was elated when I received it (quick delivery as well!!!). The packaging was meticulous and the Customer Service was phenomenal!

I have been ordering his mini calendars for two years and just LOVE them! I don't fan ahead so I can be pleasantly surprised each month! Thank you!!

Carolyn from Wells Beach, Maine - United States

I have been a huge fan of John Sloane's paintings for years. Having been raised on a farm in the "Good Old Days," I can relate to almost every single one of his paintings. He captures our hearts by taking us back in time, the way we wish it were today. I have several of his wonderful paintings on my walls, and I relive "The Good Old Days" each and every day I see them. He makes me wish I could just jump into each and every single one of his paintings, and never come back out again.

Glori from Omaha, Nebraska - United States

I have been collecting John Sloane’s artwork for years now. The calendar paintings are so beautiful and the attention to detail is amazing.

This year I ordered the “Model A Collection” magnet set. I loved the collection so much; I ordered the “Mother’s Day” set for my sister as a stocking stuffer or to tuck inside one of your scenic Christmas cards.

Joan from Tampa, Florida - United States

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